Anti-shark finning Policy


CIA. EUROPEA DE TÚNIDOS S.L., as a company responsible in the environmental field, expressly prohibits on board the group's vessels, the practice of shark finning, understood as retention on board any fin and discarding the rest of the body to the sea.


As defined in Resolution 12-01 of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), the shaving of shark fins involves the retention of the shark fin and the discard of the rest of its body, which is thrown into the sea. This practice contributes to generating a remarkable insecurity regarding the total biomass and the species composition of the captured sharks.

Similarly, the screening contravenes international regulations on the management of shark populations and, more specifically:


I. The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries of FAO, as well as its International Plan of Action for the Management and Conservation of Shark Populations.


II. Resolutions of several international maritime organizations, all of which call for the reduction to their minimum expression of fish waste and discards.


III. The Conservation and Management Measures promulgated by the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations that aim at shark protection. These measures restrict the shark finning, regardless of the fishing gear used, by means of a provision that the weight of the discharged fins may not exceed 5% of the total shark caught on board.


IV. National regulations approved by various countries, prohibiting the severance and requiring that the fins remain naturally attached to the shark bodies.


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